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Caribean Cruise vom 02.02 - 18.02.1970




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Tuesday, February 10th, 1970

Sevruga Malossol Caviar ä l'Americain
Smoked Fillet of Trout, Creamed Horseradish
Greenland Shrimp Cocktail
Bündner Meat on Melon
Fresh Fruit Cocktail
Table Celery  Olives
Chicken Cream Soup "Queen Margot"
Soup of Indian Bird Nests with Courvoisier
Hot or Jellied Consommc
Crawfish with Mayonnaise or Cocktail Sauce
Pan Fried English Sole, Sauce Colbert
Cucumber Salad, Parsley Potatoes
Fried Goose Liver on Toast with Truffled Sauce
Prime Rib, Dish Gravy, Yorkshire Pudding
Sweet Peas, Pont Neuf Potatoes
Larded Fasan TS "Hamburg"
Champagner Kraut, Dauphin Potatoes
Saddle of Veal Steak, Cream Sauce
Baked Cauliflower, Mashed Potatoes
Westphalian or Boiled Ham
Asparagus en branch, Melted Butter
Lettuce  Cucumber  Celery Salad
Mixed Herb  French  Lorenzo Dressing
Ice Cup "Karibia"
Apple Fritter  Vanilla Sauce
Lübeck Nut Cake
Compote of Mirabelles  Compote of Peaches
Pineapple Sherbet  Cherry Vanilla  Pistachio Ice Cream
Wafers  Cookies
Assorted Cheese
Fresh Fruit
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